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Are you looking for Wheel Refurbishment in Merthyr Tydfilfor your vehicle?


Owing to their superior handling performance and aesthetic appearance, alloy wheels are very popular among UK’s car owners. However, being lightweight, they are less durable than their steel counterparts. Hence, they are prone to damages caused by impacts such as potholes and curbs. Moreover, these variants also tend to corrode, leaving white patches on the wheel.

Besides affecting your vehicle’s performance and appearance, driving with worn-out alloy wheels can also put your safety at risk. Nevertheless, replacing your existing set of alloy wheels can be an expensive affair. Hence, most car owners opt for wheel refurbishment Merthyr Tydfil as an affordable alternative.

Bodyshop Solutions offers advanced wheel refurbishment services to restore your damaged alloys to their factory state.

How do we conduct alloy wheel repairs Merthyr Tydfil?

Depending on the extent of damage, we use the following techniques to repair alloy wheel damages, like dents, scrapes and cracks:

    • Powder coating: To start off, we dismantle the wheel from the tyre and clean it carefully, ensuring there are no dirt and debris left on it. Once it’s cleaned properly, we apply the powder coating, which gives the wheel a robust finish. This coating is durable enough to protect the wheel against pollution, UV damage and scratches.
    • Diamond cutting: In this process, our certified experts use a CNC lathe machine to remove a very thin layer of alloy from the wheel. After that, we apply a lacquer coat all over it to give it a diamond cut while making it more durable at the same time.
    • Cosmetic repairs: Also known as SMART repairs, this refurbishment process is restricted to a small area. It involves colour matching the paint with the alloy wheel and then spraying it over the worn-out portion, which subsequently blends into the unit.

Advantages of professional wheel refurbishment Merthyr Tydfil

Listed below are the reasons why it is ideal to avail services from a prominent wheel refurbishment garage Merthyr Tydfil:

    • Cost-effective: Alloy wheels are much more expensive than their steel counterparts. Hence, most car owners prefer refurbishments to replacements. If you’re looking for rim repairs Merthyr Tydfil, make sure to come to our facility. Our team of certified technicians offers the above-mentioned solutions at the most cost-efficient prices.
    • Maintain aesthetics: Most car owners choose alloy wheels for their aesthetic appearance. However, owing to the damages caused by bumps or corrosion, it may wear out faster. Hence, it’s essential to avail wheel refurbishment services to restore their original appearance.
    • Safety: Driving on damaged wheels can put additional stress on your car’s tyres, which might result in a blow-out. Hence, it’s important to opt for wheel refurbishment Merthyr Tydfil to ensure your on-road safety at all times.
    • High resale value: Post completion of the wheel refurbishment processes such as powder coating and diamond cutting, your car’s wheels look as good as new. Therefore, it increases the chances of fetching a higher resale value if you wish to sell your vehicle.

Your search for the most efficient and affordable “wheel refurbishment Merthyr Tydfil” ends here with Bodyshop Solutions .

Come over to our facility during business hours. We will have a good look at your alloys and advise you on the best refurbishing method. You can also book an appointment with us beforehand if you wish.

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