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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Car tyre pressure ideally ranges between 30 and 35 psi. The correct tyre pressure details are usually present in your car owner’s manual or tyre placard (located in the door jamb, fuel cap hatch, driver’s side door pillar, etc.) Accurate tyre pressure ensures optimal handling performance, traction and driving safety. Driving on incorrectly inflated tyres can lead to multiple performance issues, including lower fuel efficiency and reduced driving comfort.

Hence, our experts recommend opting for a routine tyre pressure check Merthyr Tydfil to be on the safer side.

Bodyshop Solutions uses advanced pressure gauges to offer reliable tyre pressure checks. You also do not need to book an appointment for this check. Just drive over to our garage during business hours.

Consequences of faulty tyre pressure

    • Reduced fuel efficiency: Inadequate tyre pressure results in a larger surface contact area, and thus, more revolutions per minute. The increased revolutions result in more fuel consumption, thereby resulting in a reduced fuel economy.
    • Diminished braking performance: Braking performance depends primarily on the surface contact of the tyres. Under- or over-inflated tyres affect braking distance significantly and reduce your on-road safety.
    • Accelerated tread wear: Inaccurate pressure also leads to increased tread wear and tear, thereby reducing their service lives.
    • Compromised handling: Inaccurate tyre pressure can also affect your vehicle’s cornering precision and reduces aquaplaning resistance as well.

Hence, if you come across any of these warning signs, it will be in your best interest to opt for a free tyre pressure check Merthyr Tydfil from our facility.

Causes of incorrect tyre pressure

  • Slow punctures
  • Rough driving conditions
  • TPMS valve leaks

How can we help?

At Bodyshop Solutions Valeting and Bodyshop Specialists,

    • Our experts will first check the tyre placard or owner’s manual to find out the correct pressure for your vehicle’s tyres.
    • Next, they will have a good look at your tyres to make sure there is no hidden damage.
    • They will then insert a pressure gauge to find out the current tyre pressure reading and inflate or deflate the tyre accordingly.

Our facility is located at Unit 3 & 4, The Willows, Abercanid Industrial Estate, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 1YF, UK. You can drop by without hesitation for an accurate tyre pressure check Merthyr Tydfil. You can also call us on 07581 583 629 for any further information.

Therefore, it’s time you stop looking for a “tyre pressure checker near me.” Drive over to our facility instead.

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